A Kimberley Adventure Trip From Derby To Kununurra

Self-driving the Gibb River Road is not as difficult as it used to be! 

Thinking about doing this trip?

The Gibb River Road is a 660 km track right through the wild heart of the Kimberley and is one of the Kimberley’s main attractions. “The Gibb” takes you from Derby on the west coast to Kununurra (or Wyndham) on Western Australia’s eastern border through a spectacular landscape of intensely coloured ranges, dramatic gorges and lush rock pools and waterfalls, everything the Kimberley is famous for.

The trip is still touted as one of the last serious adventures in Australia, a drive through a very remote area where all sorts of dangers loom, an undertaking that requires guts and four-wheel driving experience.

Well, not anymore!

There is absolutely nothing to be nervous about!

Your Gibb River Road trip can be an adventure if that’s what you want it to be. Or it can be an enjoyable and relaxing scenic drive. (Well, except for the corrugated parts.)

Anybody can drive the Gibb River Road. You need no special skills and experience at all.

Don’t forget to visit the Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge inside the King Leopold Ranges Conservation Park.

Photo used with permission Philip Schubert Photography